Dairy Sites for Sale or Lease

East-Central North Dakota: 640 acres available with home and outbuildings. Close to good roads, school, and hospital. 3 phase power within ½ half mile. Rural water and excellent drainage. Many irrigation pivots are in the area. Local land owners willing to do feed and manure contracts. 260 acres of pasture land may also be available. Excellent location for livestock confinement.

South-Central North Dakota: 80 acres available with home. Pasture available for rent or lease.

Site North of Pollock, SD: 160 acres located 6 miles from Pollock Dairy Concepts processing. 2 miles south of ND border. Groundwork for permitting has already begun and could be approved for up to 2,500 head of cattle. Rural water and aquifer water sources. High quality and affordable ND feeds available.

South-Central North Dakota (Driscoll): 640 acres, comprised of 560 acres of cropland and 80 acres of wetland. Located 6 miles North of I-94. No buildings. Electricity already at the site from prior buildings.

South-East North Dakota (Englevale): 160 acres, 1 year out of CRP. Excellent proximity to processors.

South-Central North Dakota (Jamestown): Jamestown Stutsman Development Corporation is looking for animal agriculture development projects. Several tracts available. Local farmers would like feed and manure contracts. This area has by-products from a potato processing plant, a barley malting plant, and an ethanol plant, that is currently under construction. www.growingjamestown.com

North-East North Dakota (Carrington): This community has several sites for livestock development. Irrigation in the area. Grain, forage, and wheat-mids from the local pasta plant are abundant.    www.carringtonnd.com

North-East North Dakota (New Rockford): This community would welcome animal ag and assist in developing/permitting a livestock operation. Several potential sites have been identified.    www.cityofnewrockford.com